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The Argument for or Against

“That is not the point. What I’m saying is, the government under President Bola Tinubu should unequivocally, without prejudice, be cognizant of the current condition of Nigerians.

If Nigeria will compete among the biggest economies in the world, then the undisputed feelings of its people should be paramount in the meteoric agenda of government”, a middle-aged man with an obvious Ibibio accent blurted as the slow-moving traffic held workers on the road beyond the official 8am resumption time.

By the time he turned to observe his location through the window, he realized he had passed his bus stop by almost two kilometres.

“Driver, owa!”, his low-pitched voice suddenly found some bass as he screamed.

But, that’s not where it began. Let’s briefly take you to the beginning…

The woman seated just behind the bus driver with a loosely tied Ankara headgear had started when she said, in her local dialect, “That’s all you people know; increase transport fare more than twice the previous amount at the slightest opportunity. Soon you people will accuse the government of being bad, but you’re the most wicked”.

“Madam, no be me be gofment. You no know how much dem dey sell petrol now?” the bus conductor retorted.

Just then, a neatly dressed Corp member seated beside the woman responded,

“But the removal of fuel subsidy should not be a colossal impetus to instigate this flagrant spike in transport fare, thereby causing such resultant hardship to many a Nigerian. In fact, the removal of subsidy on Premium Motor Spirit is a much-needed social and economic step by the government to improve the well-being of citizens and provide large-scale infrastructural amenities in the country.”

“Corper abeg face front make you mind your business. Wen people dey talk, gofment pikin like you suppose keep kwayet”, the bus conductor replied.

“You cannot uncharacteristically shut me up! I am as much a Nigerian as you. If you’re shortsighted to the palpable plans of government, then you’re lost in your segmented universe.”

“Come, no insult me with English wey I no understand o, because no be only you go school! Me sef no get joy.” retorted the conductor.

The tension was getting heated. Everyone suddenly found their voice in support or against subsidy removal.

The man with the Ibibio accent joined in.

“Conductor, can I have my N100 balance? I have inadvertently passed my bus stop. I need to alight immediately” he requested.

“Oga your money na N1000. Fuel don cost. Dis your gramma no go help you.”

The man looked at the conductor in disbelief, and without uttering a word, he sauntered away.

Fuel subsidy removal or not, at Cerebral Hub, we speak your language and help you communicate better to your target audience.

No unnecessary big grammar or vocabulary.

No argument for or against.

We stand with you alone. And be sure that you won’t forget your bus stop with us.

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