How To Avoid The Risk Of A ‘Simple Lie’ For Your Brand


One of the easiest things to do in any human enterprise is to tell a lie.

Yeah, don’t be surprised, you read it right.

To tell a lie can be a piece of cake but keeping up with a consistent lie is a difficult process. This is because keeping up with a lie requires thinking, planning and execution.

Now that’s where the cracks on the wall start showing.

In marketing, some brands make the mistake to tell a ‘simple lie’. Sometimes they are not even aware of it because it may seem an insignificant piece in the whole project, but over time, that ‘simple lie’ begins to grow and build. When they realise that there’s been a lie somewhere, they start thinking, planning, and executing more lies to cover the previous lie.

Most often than not, the main cause of a ‘simple lie’ for most brands is poor communication.

As a brand or creative, when you poorly communicate your services, products, or skill, you stand the risk of telling what we call a ‘simple lie’.

A simple lie can come off as an unintentional, maybe exaggerated or understated piece in a brand’s marketing message, but it could be potential harm in the long run when it is eventually deciphered by its customers.

So, how do you avoid the risk of a simple lie for your brand?

  1. Have a well-written marketing message. Communicate your brand’s services and products in a well-crafted message for your customers. You can have good ideas and services as a brand but without a good marketing message, your products and services won’t be better communicated to your customers.

2. Be open; avoid the temptation of exaggeration or overpromising. Yes, we know that you want to market your services or products with all the interesting catch in between, but adding a little extra to what you do can eventually lead to a simple lie in your brand’s marketing message. So, we advise that you keep it detailed yet simple.

3. Avoid ambiguity; make it simple. Again, this comes with the temptation of wanting to show off and over-impress. While it is important to talk more about your brand’s strength in relation to other competitors, it is also important to keep it simple so the message is easily comprehended.

4. Get professional assistance. If you’re not sure of getting your brand communication right, it’s best to get professional help to take care of the marketing message for your brand.

And this is why we are here.

At Cerebral Hub, we help transform your ideas and tell your message to your target audience in the most simplified form. With nearly a decade’s worth of experience, we’ll think about what your idea should and can be, and then tell and sell a story where your idea takes on a simple, yet distinctive and relatable visual form.

Your ideas won’t keep, something has to bring them to life – and that’s where we come in.

Remember, your brand communication is as important as the message you want to pass across to your customers.


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